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Culturocity Spotlight: Adam & Kizzie

Culturocity Spotlight: Adam & Kizzie

adamkizziepremierebwAdam & Kizzie have come together on a mission to give music their absolute best. Their music is a tribute to everything great about music. Which is why it’s hard to say whether their album ‘The Book of EEDO: Vol. 1′ is an R&B, soul, jazz, or hip hop form of musical art. This goes against their whole motto. Good music is free and cannot be boxed into one category. All who have heard it agree, ‘The Book of EEDO: Vol. 1’ is an excellent work of art.

Since they married in 2011, the couple has been featured on a number of projects including Ohmega Watts new album ‘Pieces of a Dream’, J.Lee The Producer’s album, ‘Inspire Me’, and the ‘Support Local Heroes: Vol. 1’ benefit album produced to help the victims affected in the 2013 Oklahoma tornado disaster. Their first and instant hit single, ‘Can I Get a Light’ is played daily over the air waves worldwide.

adamkizziepremierecolorAdam & Kizzie were both born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Their natural talents and love for music brought their paths at an intersection when the two were enrolled in the district’s best performing arts program found at Classen School of Advanced Studies, a magnet school specializing in the IB Diploma Program & Fine Arts.

Adam was enrolled to further along his training in piano after his parents watched his natural talents blossom as early as the young age of 10. Singing since she was 5 years old, her mother thought it fitting to enroll Kizzie into the vocal program at the school.

The two became inseparable friends in high school, rapping, singing, and dancing after school. The kids’ paths split, however, when adult life took them on separate journeys.

Kizzie traveled the world with Disney: performing in the Tokyo DisneySea resort in Japan for two years; later joining the company’s “Wonder” Cruise Line for six months. She garnered featured solos in each of the venue’s largest productions.

Meanwhile Adam was touring Oklahoma and Europe with the University of Central Oklahoma Jazz Band, and later founded his own (well sought after) jazz quartet, ‘New Growth’. All the while teaching private lessons to young talents who’s parents all agreed he was the best musician to train under in the city.

adamkizzielogoAdam & Kizzie’s paths were suddenly crossed again and in the midst of rekindling an old friendship and a mutual love of music, an unexpected romance brewed and the two were married.

Now Adam & Kizzie have found themselves in the best shape ever to move the world with his magic fingers and her melodic voice. Combining their unique songwriting skills, Adam & Kizzie have set out to share the gift of music in the best way their hearts know how. The EEDO way.

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