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Review: Heart & Soul’s Singles BIG Event

Culturocity had the opportunity to attend the Singles Big Event hosted by Heart & Soul last Saturday, November 9, 2013 from 1-9pm. The event was open to single men and women and was not your typical affair of meeting and greeting singles over hors d’ oeuvres and ice breaker games, this affair was different. Each registrant received a participant book chocked full of helpful information on good relationship behaviors, helpful tips on constructive listening, and resources for getting help for more serious relationship problems. The relationship seminar was lead by facilitators Janitta Swain and Bob Davis but the audience was encouraged to speak freely and ask questions. There were fun games and helpful exercises throughout the evening followed by dinner catered by B&B Catering, Georges Hog, A Family Affair, Carican, and Taylor Brothers Catering. I caught up with facilitator Janitta Swain after the event to find out more about Heart & Soul, here is what she had to say:

Culturocity: What is your background in relationship building?
JS: For a while now, I’ve always been interested in learning the aspects of successful relationships. I am no expert.  But I will continue to strive to develop that area of my life. And this is in regards to all relationships.  I believe our relationships are the treasures of life that matter the most.

Culturocity: How did you get started with the Heart & Soul organization?

JS: I actually attended a Single’s workshop years ago.  I thought the material was so well put together, and really enjoyed the leaders (one of which was Bob Davis).   With workshop facilitation in my background, I decided to obtain training when my schedule allowed.  I presented the materials to a small group at my church.
After demonstrating my ability to present the material in a few different settings, Heart & Soul leadership approach me with the opportunity to co-facilitate their monthly Singles Workshops.  And I am delighted every second Saturday of the month to review this material with a great group of single adults eager to raise their relational I.Q.

Culturcity: Do you have any testimonials of stories from singles or couples that you would like to share?

JS: Participants have said they really enjoy it, that it’s great information and well put together.  They have been very complimentary of the staff.  And it was actually from the urging of them that the ‘BIG’ event was launched: Heart & Soul had done a lot of couples events on a large scale, but this was the first large singles event.

We have had quite a few participants attend more than once, sharing that each time they learn something new. It’s the same material each time, but the people in the room make it such a unique experience each month.

Culturocity: When is your next event?

JS: The next workshop is December 14th

A BIG Thank you to Janitta Swain with Heart & Soul for taking time to answer our questions.

Dacia Hooks

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