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Album Review: Yung Dubble – Animocity

Yung Dubble sets the bar high for Oklahoma Hip Hop artists with his recent release, Animocity. His inimitable style has an authenticity that is rarely encountered. While many talk about living a hard knock life, Yung Dubble is a rare breed of artist who actually has a frame of reference of real life experience to draw from. That experience can be clearly felt in his music. The Loud Noyz ENT front man craftily spits cutting edge rhymes on top of ridiculously ill beats, making every track on Animocity sizzle.

530088_517233708315487_1534482376_nGrowing up in a home environment where principles of faith were instilled in him early on, Yung Dubble is no stranger to values, discipline and hard work. Like many young men, however, he temporarily ventured off course and paid dearly for it, eventually finding himself on the wrong side of the justice system. As he shared with me, “I just got home this year”, referring to a stint of incarceration, but brushes off negativity and uses the experience to fuel his creativity and drive to succeed. As he put it in “On Tha Move” (featuring Yung Jones), “I’m on my Malcolm X grind, fresh out the penitentiary making up for lost time.” Savoring and appreciating his freedom since being back home, he has redirected his focus and energy into the music he has loved since his youth. Yung Dubble is now occupying his time creating music that tells the stories of the streets he knows all too well.

“Flex Tyme” (featuring Rippa, Bandit and Baby J) is a hard edged cut that admonishes would be challengers that Loud Noyz stays ready for battle, using the hardware of street warfare as a euphemism for the crew’s lyrical abilities and readiness to take on other MCs.

1412633_620045554700968_641565590_oOn Hollywood (featuring Nitro and Kurt Dogg), the crew smoothly vows to never turn their backs on their city or forget where they came from. They also call out perpetrators, saying “you can’t pour syrup on a pile of sh*t and tell me that it’s pancakes.” Every track on Animocity goes hard, but “Hollywood” exemplifies the humility and realness of LNE perhaps more than any other. These local MCs are the truth, and if the cuts served up on Animocity are any indication, they may not remain local for long. Hollywood makes it clear though that even if they blow up like that, they will always rep the 405.

On “Ain’t Got Tyme”, Dubble makes it clear that he is serious about achieving success and prospering in his craft, shunning any nonsense that tries to get in his way. He also slips a subtle nod to his upbringing in the church, giving listeners a hint as to where it may ultimately lead him when his rhyming days are done, saying “it’s money over that until I’m frontlining the pulpit.” Meeting Dubble in person, one certainly gets the sense that he has the heart for that life, but for now he clearly has another mission on the mic, a mission he and his LNE unit take very seriously.

“Late Nights” (featuring Numbaz) is a mellow-paced salute to the grind, serving as a word of encouragement to those who are ensconced in the struggle on the streets as well as those who are doing time.

“Truk’n” (featuring Rippa and Bandit) gets things crunk again, providing a beat to dance to and a groove that makes it impossible to keep from head nodding.

“OverTyme” (featuring Yung Jones) is another smooth one that is once again about the grind, a recurring theme on Animocity. “What you see is what you get and all I see is dollar signs.”

Animocity also featured several bonuses not listed in the liner notes, and each one goes extra hard and demonstrates Yung Dubble’s and LNE’s mad skills, a pleasant surprise for those only expecting the listed tracks. Among them, “They Don’t Like Me”, in which Yung Dubble unapologetically extols his otherworldly skills on the mic, boldly rhyming “Somebody call FEMA I’m Katrina with the wordplay.” Indeed he is. The Yung man is the truth.

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