Saturday 17th April 2021,

Review: The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told

Can I be honest? There were two reasons why I wanted to see Oklahoma City Theatre Company’s production of “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told”: 1) A friend of mine was in it; and 2) I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Any show that can draw  protestors is a must see for me. The production was held at the Civic Center’s City Space Theatre (A cozy space with approx. 88 seats.) After making my way down two flights of stairs I was greeted by friendly Ushers who took my tickets. I went into the theatre and was met with perky Christmas music and the quiet chatter of the audience. At 8pm the lights faded…at the command of the Stage Manager/God (Jackie Smola) who call the “creation cues”. Then we get to the creation of man….Adam (Fabrice Conte) who is wide-eyed, optimistic, and innocent. One of Adam’s first lines were “Who am I? What am I? Am I gay….yes!” We are then introduced to Steve (Josh Bonzie) who is a level-headed, logical realist–a perfect foil for Adam. Adam is the first man and Steve is the first boyfriend. A critical moment in the first scene is when Adam has to decide if he wants to leave the garden of Eden. He decides in favor of getting out and seeing what else is in the world. Adam and Steve then meet two lesbians….Jane and Mabel (Rachel Morgan & Krissy Jones). Together these four take us on a smart, bawdy, and comedic journey through some Bible stories….from Noah’s Ark  (aka the S.S. Noah) to the Pharaoh Story, to the birth of Christ. Act II finds us in Modern Times where the bright comedic thread of the show is beautifully woven with some dark, dramatic issues.

Fabrice Conte and Josh Bonzie carried the dramatic weight of the show on their shoulders with stunning honesty, and bravery. Rachel Morgan and Krissy Jones were perfectly cast, and are very capable actresses. Rodney Brazil…stole the show with his effortless gift for delivering gut splitting one-liners. Paul Mitchell, Jackie Smola, Lana Henson, and Jessica  Carabajal should also be noted for their solid performances. Director Kory M. Kight-Pagala did a wonderful job in leading this cast to make this story come to life.

The show was well crafted by playwright Paul Rudnick (who in spots reminds me of writing from the television hit Will & Grace). He touches on some deep issues such as religion and faith. The biggest thing I took away from the play was that everyone should discover their faith and what they believe for themselves….and with that said,…kudos to the cast and crew because truly….this is one of the most fabulous stories ever told!


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