Thursday 26th November 2020,

Tell Me About Love, a Poem by Brian C. Scott

Tell Me About Love

Don’t tell me about hell,
I’m already there.
Don’t try to make me afraid,
I ain’t never scared.
Teach me about something
I know nothing of.
Tell me about love.
Nigga please, tell me about love.
Tell me about love, don’t hide behind that pulpit
filling me with lies and dazzling me with bullshit.
Tell me about love,
I already know about the shit that I did last night.
Why the hell do you think I’m here today?
I’m trying to get my ass right.
Tell me about love,
I’m sick and tired of hearing you scream and holler,
and by the time you quit you still ain’t said shit,
yet you askin’ me for twenty mo dollars.
Tell me about love,
I heard you say the God has a master plan,
but pastor man, you’ll pass the pan
but you won’t even shake my hand.
You’re a fake my man,
cause you’ll tell me I’m a slave to sin
but you won’t help me to break my bands.
Loose the bands of wickedness,
let the oppressed go free,
and destroy every yoke
ain’t that what it says in the book of Isaiah?
See I know the Bible just like you do, playa,
and from what I understand
you’re supposed to be like the man that they call Jesus,
yet He hung with the crooks and the prostitutes
and the people who had diseases.
Well sin is a sickness, and I’m dying from it.
It’s a condition of the soul.
Why the fuck you think I keep coming here?
I just want to be made whole.
So tell me about love,
before I leave this place
and never walk through these doors again.
The church is supposed to be a hospital,
and love is the only cure for sin.

Brian C. Scott


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About The Author

Brian C Scott is the founder and Executive Editor of Culturocity. He is an author, poet and stage actor. He is a true lover of the arts in all forms, as well as a staunch advocate for the African American community. He is also a professional software engineer with over 24 years of industry experience. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Information Systems. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he resides in Edmond, Oklahoma.

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