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The New Urban Roots – After the Cameras are Gone, the Soul Remains

The New Urban Roots – After the Cameras are Gone, the Soul Remains


This afternoon I got a chance to take a sneak peek at the newly renovated Urban Roots, which has undergone a beautiful makeover. What has not changed at all, however, is the heart and soul that defines Urban Roots.

My original plan was to meet artists Adam & Kizzie there for lunch, but we were not aware that Urban Roots hadn’t reopened to the public yet (we would later reluctantly settle on a different spot that was aaight but was clearly no Urban Roots). Instead, upon arrival I found proprietor Chaya Fletcher and her husband Mike hard at work getting the place ready for business again, bemoaning the clean up that had to take place now that the glitz and glam was gone. The couple are the most down to earth people you will ever meet, as anyone who knows them will tell you, and today was a huge testament to that fact. The cameras for the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible have barely stopped rolling, and celebrity Chef Robert Irvine has barely left the premises, yet Chaya and Mike were back on their grind just like any other day, by themselves, as humble and approachable as ever. They donned matching grey hoodies that read “Hater Proof” on the front, and “Team Fletcher” on the back, as they worked in sync with each other. Their focus was solely fixed on getting ready for their loyal customers, and their attitudes were as down to earth as ever. Chaya asked me what was going on with me before I had a chance to ask her about the renovations. She genuinely listened as I responded, just as she would normally do. Someone else might have required that I speak to their agent before approaching them. “We’re not Hollywood”, Chaya would later say. No, indeed you are not. Chaya and Mike are decidedly Deep Deuce, and we’ll take that over Hollywood any day of the week.

20140130_123830_Richtone(HDR)[1]Chaya lamented the process of having cameras in her face, preferring a low profile. She made reference to how she sometimes frustrated the Restaurant Impossible producers by not giving them the enthusiastic responses they were looking for. They should have asked somebody. Chaya keeps it 100 at all times, cameras or not, and what you see it what you get. Considering the fact the the Food Network wanted to give Urban Roots the Hollywood treatment, I asked Chaya if the new Urban Roots still reflected her vision, and she replied in the affirmative. Despite the impressive facelift, Urban Roots still feels every bit like home. Additionally, Chaya had the Food Network folks enlist the help of local artist Ebony Dallas in selecting pieces from local artists to become a part of the new décor. Ebony contributed some of her own art as well, including  a prominently displayed wall piece, and a decorative façade on the bar.

Upon returning to Urban Roots, patrons will find renovated décor, inviting colors, attractive wall art, comfortable seating, and some surprisingly scrumptious additions to the Urban Roots menu to accompany many of the old favorites. They’ll also find Chaya Fletcher, serving her customers as if nothing has changed.

To hear it from her, it hasn’t.

For those who missed the experience in person, here’s a little sneak peek inside the new Urban Roots. Look for the Restaurant Impossible segment to air sometime in April. In the meantime, come on down and experience Urban Roots again for the first time. Kudos Chaya on a wonderful renovation. Much respect to Mike for your support and hard work. And shout out to all of the Urban Roots fam who pitched in to make the New Urban Roots what it is.







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