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J Lee The Producer’s Challenge Provides Artists a Rare Opportunity to Shine

J Lee The Producer’s Challenge Provides Artists a Rare Opportunity to Shine

J.Lee The Producer is no stranger to challenge. From being a High School All-American in football, to conquering the gridiron at the University of Oklahoma, to a four-year pro career with the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders in the NFL, to producing over 80 albums and over 400 records for R&B, Hip-Hop, Neo Soul and Gospel artists, his life has been all about accepting challenges. His grind is legendary, reminiscent of the armed forces commercial that boasted “we do more before 9 in the morning than most people do all day.” J. Lee has done more at a relatively young age than most people do in an entire lifetime. His phenomenal album “Inspire Me” is a collaborative effort with artists such as Adam & Kizzie, Iam Franklin, Sean C. Johnson and more.

This time, however, J. Lee The Producer, aka Joshua Lee Norman, is on the issuing side of the challenge. He has thrown down the gauntlet and invited artists and even producers to put their best foot forward and submit their original work to be judged. Like every challenge, it represents an opportunity. The contest winner will receive $100, free studio time, and, most importantly, will have a song featured on J. Lee The Producer’s next album.  Full details are available at

J. Lee is clearly looking for original talent. The name of the contest is simply “Do You.” J. Lee has provided an original track, available for download on, and is leaving it up to artists and producers to make it their own with vocals and/or instrumentals. The contest begins today, March 17th, and runs through March 31st. Submissions will be judged by a panel of professional artists.

There are requirements for submissions. They must be recorded in a studio. J.Lee is graciously offering discounts on studio time for contest participants. Among the rules and requirements are “don’t be wack” and “don’t be ratchet,” which are fair and reasonable expectations of serious artists. No references to drugs, sex or alcohol are allowed. For a full list of contest rules and requirements, visit–2.

As J. Lee The Producer will tell you himself, greatness is about not only having skill and talent, but it’s also about seizing opportunities when they are presented. If you’re an artist who has been searching and waiting for an opportunity to launch your career into the stratosphere, you should not miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to shine. J. Lee The Producer has already set the stage. Now all you have to do is step up and “Do You.”


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