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Adam & Kizzie Sign With Ropeadope Records!

Adam & Kizzie Sign With Ropeadope Records!

I have a major rule when it comes to writing:

Never use exclamation points.

It is up to the reader to decide what to be excited about. Exclamation points to me are usually nothing more than cheesy attempts to manufacture excitement. When contributing writers submit articles to Culturocity, I edit out the exclamation points before I publish them, mumbling expletives as I do so. Yet just minutes ago, I got word that Adam & Kizzie got signed to Ropeadope Records, and I didn’t even finish my post title before punctuating it with an exclamation point. Why? Because this is HUGE!

I just broke another rule of mine: Never use all caps. Check my blog history. I don’t do it.

Adam & Kizzie, despite their enormous talent, have been toiling in relative obscurity for the past few years, playing and singing in bleak circumstances in foreign countries, hole-in-the-wall clubs, you name it, they’ve done it. They’ve been their own road crew, and sometimes even their own audience. That isn’t to say they haven’t had support along the way; they certainly have. Still, it’s been a long road. As Adam conveyed, “it has definitely been the work of a team. God is so good man, so many prayers answered. So much sweat being honored. I’m blown away bro.” Their debut album, The Book of EEDO Vol 1, despite being a constant staple in the personal rotation of anyone fortunate enough to acquire it, largely flew under the radar.

This signing signals that it’s all about to change for Adam & Kizzie, and soon. One thing that hasn’t changed throughout all their trials and triumphs is their humility. They’ve always performed with a smile and always embraced their fans with a warm hug. Now, they’ve just signed with a major label whose roster includes the likes of Grammy award winners Snarky Puppy, as well as giants like Nicky Egan, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Karikatura, The Jonathan Scales Fourchestra and many more heavy hitters. Adam put in perspective exactly what this signing means for Adam & Kizzie:

Ropeadope has been a favorite label of mine for years. I remember when the Philadelphia Experiment with ?uestlove dropped way back in the day. I remember getting Scratch’s (also, formerly of the Roots) solo beatbox record when it dropped. When I discovered Snarky Puppy a few years ago I rediscovered the label and was fondly reminded of why its so important to have a Ropeadope Records in today’s musical climate. They are music first. The label’s philosophy is based on the premise that people want real music – which is exactly what we’re about. This has been a completely humbling and kind of surreal experience – to come from Oklahoma City just trying to find a platform to having your favorite label endorse what you’re doing and say hey come join the family. God is good. He has been so generous to us. We are now preparing to record The Book of EEDO Vol 2 and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Reflecting on the journey to reach this glorious moment, Kizzie added:

It still doesn’t feel real, nonetheless I feel extremely blessed and thankful. This is that moment where we see the value of our hard work. After putting so much of ourselves into our dream and feeling like we’re getting so little back – this is one of those moments that says ‘yeah, you’re on the right track.’

adamandkizziesignedRopeadope Records’ website,, has already been updated to reflect the new addition to their stellar roster. To celebrate, Adam & Kizzie are returning to their roots. Urban Roots, that is. This Friday, May 16th at 9pm, the duo is having a party to celebrate their big news at the local Deep Deuce establishment that has been their home and a mainstay of support along the road to Ropeadope. The celebration doesn’t end there. On Thursday, May 22nd, at 8pm, Ropeadope labelmates The Jonathan Scales Fourchestra will be in the house at Urban Roots along with Adam & Kizzie.

As the son of a former professional boxer who fought George Foreman and sparred with Ali, I have fond childhood memories of the Rope-a-dope, Ali’s signature move. It consists of a boxer leaning on the ropes and letting his opponent punch himself out of steam while appearing that he is nearly defenseless, then launching a furious counterattack once the enemy has nothing left to give. How fitting that such a tactic names Adam & Kizzie’s label and also aptly describes the road they’ve had to travel at times to reach this glorious milestone. No weapon formed against them has prospered, and now they are poised to land the long awaited knockout blow! … Yes, another exclamation point!


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